Give Your Children the Advantage of a Lifetime!

Convert Family Time Into Learning Time

Designed with convenience in mind, this resource can be executed with you reading along with your children, or by allowing them to complete the books on their own. Regardless of which method chosen, your youths will gain working knowledge on a subject that many won’t learn about until much later in life (if at all).

Fun Characters That Your Children Will Identify With and Enjoy

You’ll delight in how quickly your children will learn the importance of stocks and bonds with Dexter the Mouse showing them the way. Join Dexter and his many friends as they introduce these tools to your children in a way which is both educational and entertaining at the exact same time!

Created By Renowned Writer and Business Owner

The Stepping Stones program was created by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective, and author of his world renowned How To Invest blog (

An Educational Program for the Entire Family

Introducing the Stepping Stones Investment Education Program, a three book series designed to educate your third grade aged children about the tools and concepts of investing. The books include Dexter Learns About Stocks, Dexter Learns About Bonds, and Dexter Learns About Stocks and Bonds Activity Booklet. They arrive at your door in black & white versions to also serve as coloring books for your children.

Dexter Learns About Stocks

In our first book, Dexter is introduced to the world of stocks by a good friend. Follow along with him as you and your children learn about stocks and their unlimited potential for growth.

Dexter Learns About Bonds

Our next book introduces us to more of Dexter’s friends, as they are confronted with a dilemma that explains exactly how bonds work. The situation is one that your children will immediately identify with, and addresses this topic in a manner that will be easily understood by all.

Dexter Learns About Stocks and Bonds Activity Book

Our final book takes all the information learned in the first two books, and adds puzzles, quizzes and games to test your child’s comprehension of the lessons learned.

Used and Endorsed By Educators

Why is Stepping Stones the very best financial literacy program for your children? It has been implemented in schools with rave reviews from both teachers and principals, alike. Give your children an advantage that they will appreciate for the rest of their lives.